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Ripper is back.

After running into Faith and Wesley, who were two people that I certainly didn't expect to see in Sunnydale, I made them believe that I was still good old, boring, reliable and evil-fighting Giles. I left them at the auto shop, where I picked up my new BMW, and headed towards my new house, smiling internally at all that I had heard.

Faith was out of prison and reformed. That is, of course, until she was tempted or in some way pushed over the edge, which was something that I was very much looking forward to exploring. Instead of going directly home, where my furnishings were still nearly barren, I stopped at the Magic Box, which, of course, was the place that Willow had killed me, and also, of course, was the place where Xander and Anya delved into the arts, using D'Hoffryn, to bring me back from the dead, while they were also trying to bring Dawn back.

I smiled. They failed to bring Dawn back, and brought me back as ripper. There were so many things that I needed. I stepped inside and realized that Willow had drained all of the evil books. Lucky girl, even though she was now dead. Poor thing. I guess that I was going to have to be the one to take over the evil reigns around here. I was sure that Ethan would look forward to a return here, and decided to call him, using the Magic Box's phone, which amazingly, still worked, but as I went to dial, I also relaized that I didn't know where to reach him.

Such a pity. Oh well. Piffle. There were greater things that I could do, and they didn't have to involve Ethan Rayne, who let's face it, was an amateur when it came to my class of the mystic. Some of the spells that I would perform would make some of his hilarious works here in Sunnydale seem like a vacation on a beach, which was what Buffy was taking.

I could only imagine her reaction when seeing me alive, though Dawn was still dead. I wondered if she would be upset with Xander and Anya, or if she would just be thrilled that I was back. I wondered if she, unlike Xander and Anya, especially and Faith to a degree, would question me like Wesley had, all concerned and put off that I had come back from the dead. I was also amused by how I would react to seeing her. I was sure that though I would be laughing inside, that my acting like I cared for her would be of the world class variety.

I screeched to a halt in my newer, faster wheels, in front of my new home and immediately started studying simultaneously, my history of Fangdan, who Faith said was in town, for any idiosyncrasies that I could tie into him, for like me, he was into the dark arts, and and at the same time, I looked for dark spells or spirits that I could invoke to make everyone suffer.

It was going to be a sleepless and thrilling night, but it was of no consequence. I didn't plan on waking up until the late afternoon, where I would then visit the bank, deposit my money, furnish my new home, and then work on collecting the insurance on the Magic Box, right out from under Anya's back. Money was needed to focus on the spells that were to be forthcoming.

I laughed, thinking about Buffy wih Angel on some tropical island. Hey, maybe she could sleep with him and bring Angelus back? That would be fun. I laughed again, flipping pages.
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