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The Burial of the little niblet...of Dawn.

Was stuck here with Xander and Anya. Wasn't something that I would call especially confortable, especially considering the fact that in a moment of drunken weakness, Anya and I had committed to something that was spawned by me being shunned by the slaya, and her being stood up at the alter by monkey boy, when we had shagged...when I had shagged her rotten on that table in the magic box.

Add to the discomfort that Xander had somehow found out, probably from Buffy, that I had tried to rape her, only I hadn't. With this buggering chip in my head, I couldn't even defend myself from him, if he decided to start something, but then again, I could knock him unconscious, but it would hurt like hell.

Add to that, fact that Anya seemed to be sniffing me like she knew something, like maybe she knew that I now had a soul, and we had to deal with burying Dawn, burying the niblet, which I would do, even though it pained me to see her dead, for Buffy. Wasn't going to let them mess anything else up. The two of them had used magic's and had brought Giles back. Last time it was done with Buffy, some demon came forth and trie dto kill Buffy all over again. Wasn't exactly known as the king of strategy and sure planning, but I was going to make sure that this was handled tastefully.

Still, I had Anya on me, and I knew that she was about to ask me a question. Something about my soul, which by the by, was still aching to know that Buffy was okay and throbbing in the knowledge that the niblet was now dead. Before Anya could say something, beat her to the punch, even though I knew that somehow, probably because she was a demon again, she could sense a soul on a demon.

"Xander, cover Dawn's body and we'll bring her down to the corridor, tell her that we found her in the cemetary, head injury..the whole nine yards..."

I couldn't even finish it without getting choked up. "And don't look at me like that, monkey boy. I'll have you know that I didn't try to rape Buffy. She was hurt, we fell, I tried to make love to her and she stopped me, and I left. Simple as that."

He just look at me, angry, disbelieving and Anya followed me like a dog, which couldn't be making Captain delivery boy happy, as I took the bloody liberty of grabbing a dark blanket from the linen closet and wrapping her body in it. Carried it downstairs, with Anya following me, still, a look of shock on her face, as I carefully covered Dawn, and kissed her on the forehead, feeling how cold that she was, before covering her face. Finally, had to look back at Anya.

"What is it that you want? You should be worried about spells and consequences and about Giles returning to his evil magic days and be less concerned about yours truly."

[Anya and Xander]
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