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Just plain irritated.

The four of us had come to the conclusion that we had to kill the demons. We had to kill all of the demons. Well, they wanted to if we ran into them, and I didn't want to do anything else. Call me selfish, but Buffy, Fred and Gunn didn't just lose their best friend two months after losing their spouse. Those demons killed Graham. There was no other explanation, and worse, they blew up the helicopter that was our ticket off of this demon infested island. That was secondary to me. Grief filled me. It covered me, but unlike it was with Samantha, rage was my predominant emotion. With her, I couldn't think. I was blinded. When she died, it felt, literally, like I had died, like somebody had stabbed me in the heart. Now, I was just pissed off.

Finding Angel's son may have been important to the others; Fred and Gunn because they all worked together, and to Buffy because Angel would always be special to her and she wanted to find his son to prove to him that she would always look after him. It didn't matter to me. I didn't know the boy, other then what he looked like and that he had superpowers. To me, he was probably fine, and off killing these demons like I wanted to do and was going to do. We had been in that demon infested cave, which seemed to be their lair, and he wasn't there. Something told me that if they did get ahold of him, that they would have transformed him into one of their kind, which was all the more reason to kill them all.

It was a big island, and we had a lot to do, so, I pretended to care about finding Connor. I didn't know how I was capable, but somehow, I managed to put my demon hunting affairs on hold for a minute or two while we planned how we were going to do this. I pretended to be in control over my anger as we formed a plan. Buffy and Fred weren't huge on the idea of us splitting up, but Gunn seemed to think it was a good idea, and though the balance of power on our twosome assignments here heavily favored Buffy and I, Gunn assured us that he was pissed off enough to protect Fred from anything at the moment. I appreciated that. I knew that Buffy and I would run into scores of demons and that killing them would supercede finding anyone, survival, always the first order of business with demons, and I came up with a thought that was brilliant.

I remembered that ship. "Gunn, Fred, go into the woods to that cave where Angel and Cordelia are, and get them involved in this, and then the four of you can hunt the woods from this side again. The four of you can go into that cave which seemed to house all of the demons. Buffy and I will check that ship. I'm thinking that the demons may have taken up some residence on it, and there's a good chance that since we didn't find Connor in that cave, that he might be on the ship. Buffy and I will look, then we'll head into town. None of us have gone there yet. You two were heading there, but we stopped you and told you about the cave. This time, after the ship, we'll go into town and search things out. Maybe there's another stronghold there? Maybe there's another cave in the woods? With Angel with you, it'll be just like having Buffy and I'm sure that he'd move the world to find his son. We'll search the town and enter the woods on the other side. If we have found Connor, we'll come towards you. If none of us have any luck, meet back here at the helicopter. It should be easy to find. Just follow the smell of burning metal. Be safe."

Once again, Gunn seemd for it, mentioned as much, and Fred seemed to go along with it, while Buffy looked at me, like, 'damn, the planning is my job', but she seemed to think it was a good idea. I was angry, but was thinking clearly for the moment. I knew that she wouldn't necessarily want to be around Angel since he was with Cordelia now. Gunn and Fred went off towards the cave where Angel and Cordelia had been, and leaving Graham in the sand and the smoldering helicopter, we headed down the beach toards the ship.

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