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the_embattled's Journal

In Spite of Tragedies......They Sojourn on......
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*This is a closed one on one community between Nikki and Jeff. Feel free to read this community and enjoy this along with us, but the cast is filled.*

End of season 6 of Buffy and season 3 of Angel.

Dark Willow, brought forward by Tara's death, kills Giles and Anya in the magic shop when soaking Giles' power. She kills Dawn with that fireball and sends Buffy down to the deep grave. She then goes to the bluffs to end the world, where Riley, still in Sunnydale, still trying to cope with the death of his wife, Samantha, and Xander go to stop her. Xander is killed and Willow thrown to the Earth by Willow's fury, which also encapsulates her, and the mixing of the light and dark magic's kill her too.

Buffy gets out, goes to the bluffs and finds her too best friends dead, after realizing that her sister is dead. Inconsolable, she realizes that Riley is still alive, and carries him back to the magic box, grief-stricken, where she finds that Giles and Anya have too been killed. Buffy and Riley desert the hellmouth and go to Los Angeles to meet with Angel, for guidance, for help in the war, for help with the hellmouth.

In Los Angeles, Angel and Cordy go to profess their love to each other on the very night that Buffy and Riley are on their way.

Angel has already killed Holtz, because Holtz and his men killed Gunn, but Angel didn't leave bitemarks on Holtz' neck, he simply broke it. Connor is wild, and wary of his real father, but doesn't, just yet, know that Holtz is dead, as Angel hid the body.

Wesley, meanwhile, is sought by Fred, and Lilah, but has shunned Lilah, except for he knows that he can get information from her for sexual favors. Fred goes to him, because she is devastated by Gunn's death, and realizes that the only way that Angel will let Wesley around, because Wes had stolen Connor in an attempt to avoid the false prophecy in the Naiazian scrolls, is if there is a buffer between Wesley and Angel, and she, still captivating him, convinces him to fight the good fight again, and he brings up Faith's name and eventually breaks her out of prison. Fred doesn't know that Wesley has slept with Lilah, and when she does find out, it will push them apart.

Cordy gets a vision after she and Angel profess their love for each other, and she, Angel, Buffy, Riley and Connor go to the Island of Marzanilla, in the Pacific, off of the Mexican coast, after meeting and being shocked to see each other, Buffy gauntly distraught by loss, as is Riley, while Cordy and Angel are filled with love; because there is an unknown origin of demons that are killing the residents, and there is also some very powerful mojo there, almost Willow powerful, who doesn't have a side....he will produce a spell that makes Angel's and Cordy's passion a relaity, but Buffy will eliminate him out of grief over any magic's, and because he is questionable. The spell is then permanent between Cordy and Angel and he won't lose his soul.

The demons are half-breeds, and are there to bring the eventual apocalypse. They come, literally from the core of the earth, in hellmouth form, except they are only one species and the secrets as to how they can get out are sought by purebred demons seeking access to Earth. The heroes have to stop them, and oh yeah, there is still a raging hellmouth in Sunnydale about to spit with the first's venom.

Spike, souled, and crazy, finds Sunnydale deserted, and finds that he has to fight off demons because he loves Buffy, who will not be there for him to have it be reciprocated.

Fred, Faith and Wesley will not know where Angel and Connor have gone, and will go to Sunnydale, where they will realize that Willow, Xander, Giles and Dawn are all dead and Spike is there alone, and Faith, who knows him, and Wesley, who knows of him, will assume he's bad, but after nearly killing him, they will learn he has a soul....

More to follow...........

Likely relationships:
Faith/Wesley or Faith/Riley

The Cast:
Buffy Summers: buffyxsummersx
Angel: shanshu_angel
Spike: railroad_spike
Cordelia Chase: cordiechase/cordeliaxxchase
Alexander Harris: powerless_scoob
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: pryce_less
Winifred Burkle: kyrumption_lost
Rupert Giles: backintweed
Anya Jenkins: vengeancy_anya
Connor: superhero_son
Lindsey McDonald: ethicallydevoid
Lilah Morgan: lilahxmorganx
Jonathan Levinson: magic_bone_man
Andrew Wells: storyteller_one
Faith Lehane: badass_faith
Riley Finn: finn_rileyfinn
Fangdan Wood: _fangdan_
The Vampire Xavier: zenking_xavier
Katrina Vidal: katrina_vidal