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Nothing but strangers around us, strangers who could be demons.

Buffy and I had toured the ill-fated ship, which made it's way onto the beach for no reason. Well, it didn't come in for no reason. We knew that. Whatever had made the ship steer it's way into the island, away from the port, had also blown up our chopper, leavin' us with no way off of the island, and in the process, killing Graham and Captain Milligan.

"You're right. We're wasting time. We need to find Gunn and Fred. If they didn't find Angel and Cordelia, they might need some backup."

I nodded as we walked away from the ship. There wasn't anything there. All of the humans there had been killed and turned into demons and Buffy and I had already killed them, and my trigger finger was still feeling strong.

Buffy was irritating me, trying to control me. She had just lost Dawn and Giles, as well as Willow, who was responsible for them dying, and yet she still remained in control, which pissed me off. It wasn't like I wanted to be with her anymore, but she was always all about her job, when she should have been grieving. I had grieved when Sam had died and still wasn't over it, and with Graham dying, it flared back up again and instead of turning to the bottle, I turned to killing demons, which made Buffy react in a way as if she were going to stop me.

The argument had passed, but the tension was still there and the loss period hadn't even begun again, and I knew that I was going to be feeling it soon, so I was especially edgy.

We passed people who looked at us oddly, because I was carrying a machine gun around my shoulder, but who were they? Were they demons, or were they humans, and how could we find out? We couldn't just leave them here to turn the humans that were here in Marzanilla, vacationing.

"Buffy, I know that we haven't seen Connor since we got here, and I know that we haven't seen Angel and Cordelia since last night and I also know that we haven't seen Gunn and Fred in hours and that they could be in trouble and that we have to find all of them, but shouldn't we be doing something about these people? I mean, we can't leave demons to walk around with the humans, because we've already seen that they'll just turn them. Shouldn't we be questioning people, pushing buttons, looking for aggression, and if we see aggression, shouldn't we be killing them?"

We stopped near somebody, a guy, who looked at me funny, but then walked away, towards a couple of women, who were smiling, and having fun. To me, this guy had a purpose, and I wasn't about to let those women die...

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