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An entire buildin' goes all white.

Fred and I made our way out of the woods. It was safe to say that both of us were fairly freakd out. We had just spent an awful lot of time fightin' demons that were strong and oozed when they died, and we had been separated from Riley and Buffy and from Angel and Cordelia.

I was all about killin' demons. Anyone could tell you that if they knew me, but it was about time to get to findin' the othas, where then, we could go about killin' demons in the dark when there were six of us. We had a strong idea where Buffy and Riley were; they were on the beach where that freaky ship just sailed itself not into port, but into the sand, like it was outta control or somethin'. They were lookin' for demons out that way.

Fred and I decided to go towards the hotels and casino's and homes further down the beach and far outta the woods, which were freaky, even for me at this hour. We made our way to the buildin's, not knowin' if the people that we were passin' were humans, or demons, because these freaky demons here could take human form just like vamps.

A little way in, standin' there like a beacon of hell, which we should have expected from minute one, especially since Cordy had a vision of this place and especially since our ride home, our chopper, had blown up, was of course, a Wolfram and Hart office. It wasn't as big and bawdy as the one in LA, but it all meant the same thing. There was evil in here and I was guessin' that Angel had found it first, hadn't found Connor, like the rest of us, and had freaked out, like he had back in LA, when Connor first went to Quortoth.

There had been a commotion in the lobby, and we knew it. Angel had been here and he was blamin' them, and rightly, probably, for Connor bein' missin'. We went in, Fred and I decidin' to ask the frightened girl at the lobby what had happened. She told us fifth floor, which was probably close to the top of this place, so she and I rushed up the stairs, and as we reached the fifth floor, the whole buildin' turned white.

Outside of the elevator, smilin' was this asshole and he was about to taste my fist. Angel and Cordy had been sent somewhere and now it was time to get the answers.

I grabbed the guy by the collar and threw him against the wall. "You have about ten seconds to start talkin', rich, white man, and I suggest that you start tellin' me where Angel and Cordelia just went. If you lie, I toss your ass out the window! TALK!"

I didn't loosen my grip as I looked him straight in the eyes.

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