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Don't drink the water.

I was not liking anything about this. I mean, holy jedi, we had come to Acapulco, and a painstaking journey it was, gringo, and it wasn't getting any easier.

The way that I looked at things was this way, we had escaped. Sure, I was saddened that the wild witch had killed Warren and I missed him greatly, not that I was admitting how much I missed him, aloud, but I missed him, but the flip side to us getting on that rig and coming this way, was one of two things. Either Willow killed us, or we were jailed again as co-conspirators in a robbery and as much as everything sucked down here, it beat both of those options.

Johnathan didn't see it that way, though, or course. He was whiny and worried and everyday, he was doing the noble, Doctor Who, we should go back to California and turn ourselves in. His problem wasn't that Warren was dead, which made me want to bitchslap him, because he never really cared about us or the trio. His problem was that we had done all of these bad things and that we needed to atone for them.

Still, for all of his bravado, he didn't take a trip back to the north and across the border, and he wouldn't get me to do it, either, at least not for the reasons that he wanted to. I only felt bad that Warren was gone...and oh yeah, at the moment because while sitting in the sun by a pool and watching all of the hotties go by with nothing on and drooling, I had a tea of the long island variety that seemed to be made from non-bottled water. I didn't think that there was supposed to be water in the drink...

I felt my whole body heating up and wanted to jump in the pool, but instead, drew a crowd as I threw up repeatedly, and suddenly, had the desire to go to the bathroom, and pronto, tonto. I was getting dizzy all over and could hear everyone laughing at me and saying that I must have drank the water and the old saying, don't drink the water here, occurred to me. This was Acapulco. They were a touristy place with men and women wearing nothing by the pools! How could I be sick from drinking the water here? This wasn't the desert!

Enough of that, though, as Johnathan, also calling me names a minute ago, led me towards our room, paid for because of magic's that we used to help some weird guy, also started to get sick, and as we reached the hall where our room was, he got sick too. He had been drinking a cocktail, but it must have had some water in it.

I could barely get the card key into the door and as I went to get first dibbs on the toilet, Johnathan pushed me out of the way, like he had to go worse then I did. We wrestled for the door, which was hard, because, hey, head spinning here, but managed to win, as Johnathan started to throw up again. I sat down, miserable, getting sick and liquifying the toilet even more, as I covered my nose because of the raunchy smell. It kept coming and coming and I needed hydration. I needed water.

I didn't think we had any bottled water and Jerkathan was going to need some too.

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