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An old enemy returns.

Katrina and I had been doing things that we had always done. The sexcapades didn't lack with the two of us and she was the first woman that I had found could always keep me sated and one-up me every time that we shagged. Her flexibility and stamina, were epic and her imagination topped that. Still, after three hours of sweaty fornication, I was left empty, but not because of her. I would always take the pleasure of her body. The problem was simple, and it made me roll off of the bed in our Sunnydale quarters, toss on my red boxers and button my shirt, wiping off sheets of sweat as I went.

I looked back at her and noticed that she was wounded. Well, not wounded but bloody definitely wondering what I was doing. Well, what I was doing was wondering why we had come to Sunnydale only to do things that we could and would do anywhere. Sure, we had found out information since arriving. There were two slayers and both of them could now be our targets, but one of them, and not the original one that we had intended to be our target, Buffy Summers. The dossier on one Faith Lehane was too appetizing to imagine and it was she, and not Buffy Summers that had met one of our flunkies and sent him back to us with a message. As far as I knew, Buffy Summers wasn't around. I hadn't heard a thing, and I was tempted to go to her residence and see if I could locate some of her hair or an item that belonged to her so that I could do a locater spell and find her. I would have done the same with Faith Lehane and sought her out, only she hadn't left any hair or any or her blood on Jason, our flunkie, so we couldn't go after her.

Regardless, we hadn't come across either of them and we had done virtually nothing, and that was about to change. "Get changed, my immortal. We're going to go out and look for a little trouble."

Any preconceptions that she might have had about doing anything other then staying in bed and shagging, drifted away as I mentioned trouble. If there was anyone that loved creating or mixing it up with mischief, it was my Katrina. I watched her naked body as she glided, which she always did, to change for the event. I guessed on what she might wear. Leather pants, and a halter that displayed her washboard abdominals, no underwear, no braziere. I was right. Katrina could dress the part of a princess, but it wasn't a common thing for us to partake in those kind of events and she was most at home in the style of clothing that she had on now. Looking at her as I completed dressing myself, as I adorned my red trenchcoat, almost made me want to go in for another multi-hour fuckfest, but dominating even that, was my desire to see what this town was made of.

Within minutes, we were out into the young night sky, and so were citizens of this little, nothing like London, berg. The cemetaries had been clear, as had the majority of the streets on our way into town, but now that we were here, people were about. There seemed to be destruction to the police station and to a magic shop and the adjacent appliance store to it, which drew my attention, until I felt something even more powerful. I pulled Katrina along.

"There are some secretive and dark magics somewhere around here. I can't wait to meet the proprietor of such strength. It might be fun to drain the very life out of them and see what that gives me."

Katrina wasn't into magic's, per se, but she was supportive of me, and what came of my former forays, generally led to power displays and kegs made of flesh for us. I had drained a witch before in Devonshire, and it had been a rush, my powers, magically, reaching new highs, only then, I hadn't had the knowledge to contain them, and I burned them out not long after acquiring them, and causing a mass of requisite destruction.

There was a presence and I looked around, Katrina sensing it too, but wondering why it had pulled me. "There is a room, my immortal, and it is permanently cloaked. I can't undertsnad why it would be permanently cloaked, but I know that I want to be there..."

Seconds later, I was standing in a waiting room and Katrina followed me in. "Death is everywhere, my love. Can't you sense it?"

She followed me into the main room, which looked like the room of a hippie and dead warlock, who was on the floor, and didn't look like he had any luck against his opponent. "The magic is still rife in this room. Something or somebody, powerful was here. I'd like to meet who that was."

[Katrina and Xavier]
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