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Taming Riley

Riley was really torn up about losing Graham. It's understandable. I've lost my whole family. Well, fifty percent of my whole family. So, yeah, I know how he's feeling times one hundred.

He stepped up to the plate and took the lead, telling Fred and Gunn to find Angel and Cordelia. I would have said something, but I thought it was a good plan. Splitting up would cover more ground, and I didn't have to witness Angel and Cordelia's new relationship. I just couldn't deal or see it right now. There was too much going on and I didn't need any other distractions in my way. We're already stuck with no way home and two of Riley's friends are dead.

We decided to check out the ship at the beach. There was no doubt in my mind that there were demons on the ship. This whole island was being possessed by these things. When we got on the ship, we went below deck. There were demons in there killing a man. The wife was forced to sit there and watch. We were too late. Riley went off the deep end and started to shoot everywhere. He almost shot the woman. I told her to get out, and she ran off. We staked the wounded demons. Riley continued to shoot the one demon and I had to stop him. I grabbed him from behind and threw him on the floor.

"You were getting carried away. You almost shot that woman. They're dead, Riley. What ever demons were on here are dead." I told him that we need to find the others.

Apparently, he didn't like what I said to him.

"Whatever. I'm still killing any demon that I see not named Angel that's doing anything remotely suspicious."

I didn't know what to tell him. He was acting out of control and he thought there was nothing wrong. "Riley...forget it." He looked over at me. "What? Anything I say isn't going to make a difference. You're out for revenge. Trust me, I know the whole deal, but now isn't the time. We need to figure out a way to get out of here. If you're not on the same page, then you won't be able to help me." I walked off, glaring at him. I chose to stick toward the ocean. We covered most of the wooded areas. Now, it was time to cover the beach.

There are things I'm dealing with, and Riley is the only person that was there when I found the bodies in Sunnydale. I would think he would be a little more focused, and know that I understand what he's feeling. He wanted to do his thing. I wanted to do mine. This couldn't work if we didn't come up with a compromise. It's kind of hard to meet halfway with someone that has his own agenda. His personality completely changed on me. I don't know how much more of this I could take. Certainly, I'll put my foot down when necessary.

"Let's stick close to the beach. We're bound to bump into someone or something that could give us some information. Just keep the gun craziness to a minimum. We don't need anymore innocent human beings dying, tonight." I looked back at him. There was so much rage in his eyes, I couldn't even break it.

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