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The helicopter is gone. Angel and Cordelia are gone. Whatever's next can't be good. Everyone seemed to think that splitting up was a good idea. No one listens to me when I say I want to stick together. One against three. I lost. Me and Charles were left to look for Angel and Cordelia. That didn't leave a good feeling in my stomach.

After watching the two bodies burn, Riley started to give out orders. We separated. When we got to the cave, we found out that Angel and Cordelia weren't there. I had a feeling this would be the case. Why would Angel want to stay in the cave after sunset, knowing Connor is out there and missing? I knew we were going to waste our time by going there. Charles knew I was worried and he did everything in his power to make me feel comfortable.

There was one thing we had to do. We had to go back to the cave where we massacred most of the demons. We knew there were still demons in there, but that's the first place Angel would want to go. I had the machine gun, but that wasn't enough to make me feel safe. Before we went into the cave, Charles took the machine gun and he gave me a stake. I think I had it with the gun. I'm not much of a big gun person, but I knew how to use it.

Someone popped out of nowhere. We knew it was a demon in human disguise. Charles asked it some questions, but she didn't say much. She only said that the little boy is gone. She had to be talking about Connor. She started to laugh and it made me and Charles angry. It wasn't funny and definitely not something to joke about. Charles shot her in the leg. She gave us some info and then I staked her.

We walked into the cave to find it completely empty. There was more demon ooze. I mean, a lot of demon ooze. Angel was definitely here. I knew Charles thought the same thing.

"Okay, so Angel and Cordy have been here and from the look of things, Angel didn't like what he saw, or heard. I'm startin' to get a bad feelin', baby."

Angel killed all of the demons left in the cave. Well, Angel and Cordy.

"I'm thinkin' Angel killed them all before Cordy could even form a plan. He did more damage then what the four of us did earlier and we had a slayer with us and two machine guns. I'm thinkin' Angel is almost Angelus out of his mind at this point and all because Connor had to go off and run away."

That confirmed to me that Angel was beyond angry. He's right. Angel did most of the damage. We all knew what that meant. Angel would do anything at this point to find Connor. We had to find him and now. There was nothing left for us to check in the cave. We walked back out into the darkness. I stayed close to Charles. He was leading us somewhere. In most cases, I would know what to do or where to go. Right now, my brain was at a freeze. There were so many things bothering me. The fact that we have no way back to Los Angeles was on the top of that list. I asked him where we were going.

Well, it seems to me that this cave was the demon stronghold here in the woods. I may be wrong. Angel and Cordy may have found out somethin' else and may be deep in the woods, but what if he went towards the resort area where the hotels are? We neva checked there earlier."

"Do you think the resorts have been overrun by demons? It's possible. We have to be careful, Charles. But, I-I know it's important to find Angel and Cordy, too." I looked up into the dark sky. "I just want to go home." I held his hand as we walked toward the resort area. I hope we would find them. I want this to be over, so we can find a way home.

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