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Hunting down Giles.

A plan was set in order and as Faith and I took off in my jeep, looking for Giles, at least we had the satisfaction of knowing that not everyone was gone. We learned that Giles was alive, which was questionable, but he was alive and Xander and Anya were also around. I wasn't familiar with Anya, but now knew enough about her to know that the phrase caution to the wind was a popular one with her, for she and Xander had carelessly, somehow, brought Giles back from death, even though I had seen his dead body when I had first arrived here, what seemed like weeks ago, now, from Los Angeles.

We also learned that Buffy and this Riley chap were okay and were helping Angel, Cordy, Fred and Gunn on some mission on an island called Marzanilla, which I was familiar with, and Connor was with them. Putting behind me any thoughts of retribution that Angel might have towards me, I turned my focus to Giles, assuming that he was as Xander had put it, 'a little off'.

That wasn't surprising. They had brought Giles back from death. Doing that was bound to fiddle with the internal workings of the mind.

"What do you think would possess Xander and this Anya to do a spell to bring Giles back? It's extraordinary, really. Sure, I'd be most happy if Giles was back to his old self once the hangover from being brought back, possibly from heaven, wears off, but there are consequences beyond what might happen to Giles when doing such a spell. Not only do I not know how they found the spell, or if they were helped when doing it, Faith, but there has to be some kind of consequence to the spell itself. The world never gives you anything for free."

We pulled up in front of Giles' place. Faith told me that Giles might have a red BMW, and it was mentioned that a black SUV might also be driven by Giles, belonging to this Riley chap. Neither vehicle was there, and when we went down to his apartment, we found that the place had been turned over, inside out. "He's been here and he's on the move, apparently, Faith. To where, I couldn't tell you."

We left, quickly, going back to the Jeep, where we were now at a crossroads. "We have to look for his red BMW, or that SUV, black of color. He couldn't have gotten far, although it is true, we don't know where he would be going. I can promise you this, however. He may not be playing with a full deck."

We drove up some streets and saw neither automobile, but shockingly, we saw a woman, somewhat middle-aged, getting out of a red BMW, and seconds later, we saw Giles getting out of a silver BMW sedan, and offering some money to the woman. He then seemed to ask her something, as we stopped and I ould tell, as I got out, that he was in a weird mood, to say the least.

Faith was out of the car and around it, heading towards Giles, before me, as the woman just walked away. She seemed to be waiting for Giles to do something, and then seemed to be waiting for a ride back. It seemed to me as though Giles, here, at night, where this dealership was still open, was going to seel his red BMW, and had somehow, with a large amount of money, already purchased the other BMW. He had moved out of his apartment and was now changing cars. That was interesting, and very much confounding and disturbing. Faith approached Giles, who was already talking to the dealer, who then came out as Giles noticed both Faith and I. He seemed thrown off by seeing us, but I was on to him. I had fled from my friends before, and I wasn't of sound mind when I did so, for other reasons, apparently, then what he had. Giles continued to talk to the dealer, and there were smiles. The dealer then offered Giles Eight thousand dollars for it, and he agreed.

"Making money, moving, selling cars, getting different cars. Wow, Rupert, it is nice to see you again, especially since the last time that I saw you, you were dead on the floor of the Magic Box, but honestly, why all of the changes?"

Faith looked at him too, as did his middle-aged partner in the driving of one car to sell another. She then seemed to hear me and became shocked over the coming back from the dead remark, and walked away with shock on her face.

[Faith and Giles]
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