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Wolfram and Hart has Connor!?! They are going to pay and now.

After the helicopter had exploded, taking away our ride, and killing two of Riley's soldier buddies, and still not knowing where Connor was, or why he hadn't come back to the beach when the explosion had occurred, I turned up the pressure level on the demons. In one of the caves, was their lair, so to speak, or at least, there were enough of these demons there to believe that it was their lair.

There was no holding back anymore. Things had escalated, and answers would be given. Cordy and I, she using her famous right hand and kicks to the groin, and me going schoolyard on these demons, trimmed the heard from ten to one in about fifteen minutes. Then, Cordelia used her glow, as we kept one demon alive to look for the truth, and to find out, definitively, if he and they knew what had happened to Connor.

They had been so easy to kill, which led me to believe two things. First of all, that Cordy's vision had been overrated, for she had told us that these things were strong, and the whole island was in danger, and secondly, that I didn't have anything to worry about because there was no way that these things could truly harm Connor. He was too strong for them.

But, one of the demons had dropped the bomb on me, telling us that Connor was not on the island and that he was now in the hands of people that he can't touch, which immediately had me thinking two things. First, that demons lacked credibility, but also that the demon had felt Cordy's calming glow, wasn't lying and the people that would go after my son...had to be Wolfram and Hart.

"Those that we can't touch? What is he talking about, Angel? Who has him?"

"You know what? We should definitely keep this guy with us. He knows more than we do, soooooo why not kidnap him for info? He's the only person who can lead us to Connor."

I looked at Cordy. it didn't have to be this difficult. There were only so many enemies that had the resources to capture my son and had tentacles that reached all over this world and others.

"If you tell me this, my friend, I'll let you live," Cordy looked at me, and I was lying, but I had to make the demon believe that he was safe if he cooperated, "is it Wolfram and Hart that has Connor. And if it is, where is he at?"

The demon spilled the beans. It was Wolfram and Hart and he was in the white room, which is a place that I had been before with Lilah. I killed the demon with a stake through the heart.

"We have to find a way to get off of this island, Cordy. He's back in Los Angeles and while demons tend to lack credibility, I believed this one. How else would he know about the white room and Los Angeles and Wolfram and Hart? Obviously, that demon doesn't think that I can penetrate the skin of Wolfram and Hart, and he's dead wrong, literally, as a result. Come on, we have to go."

I figured, as I led her out of the cave, that I was going to pay for being so bossy to her at the moment, but that was secondary at the moment to finding a way back home, so that I could bring down Wolfram and Hart if I had to, to get my son back. As we reached the darknes of the woods, instead of going towards the helicopter, where Buffy, Fred, Riley and Gunn could be, I decided to see if this place had an airport. Tickets could be purchased, and troops could be gathered, because our work was done here, even if demons were still alive here. I knew that Cordy would be true to her vision, but we were going to get Connor back, and I wouldn' take no for an answer. I could buy six tickets and get us out of here, and then we could come back for Buffy and the others, maybe have a little time to kill some more of the demons and then rescue Connor once we got back home.

There had to be a quicker way. Who knew what they were doing to Connor in the white room or anywhere in that building. I couldn't wait for a flight. I had to find another way home, and it had to be fast. I pulled Cordy probably a little more vigorously then she would have liked.

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