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Gettin' this shit straight.

I was ready to do some serious demon killin', now, and made some good points. Fred seemed to cave on the issues and put any fear aside. They had killed our friends and had blown up our ride. It was time to do somethin'.

"I-I know, Charles. When you put it that way, it sounds more exciting. I just wish we didn't have to lose more people."

Then Riley, who minutes ago, seemed just lost, came up wit a plan.

"Gunn, Fred, go into the woods to that cave where Angel and Cordelia are, and get them involved in this, and then the four of you can hunt the woods from this side again. The four of you can go into that cave which seemed to house all of the demons. Buffy and I will check that ship. I'm thinking that the demons may have taken up some residence on it, and there's a good chance that since we didn't find Connor in that cave, that he might be on the ship. Buffy and I will look, then we'll head into town. None of us have gone there yet. You two were heading there, but we stopped you and told you about the cave. This time, after the ship, we'll go into town and search things out. Maybe there's another stronghold there? Maybe there's another cave in the woods? With Angel with you, it'll be just like having Buffy and I'm sure that he'd move the world to find his son. We'll search the town and enter the woods on the other side. If we have found Connor, we'll come towards you. If none of us have any luck, meet back here at the helicopter. It should be easy to find. Just follow the smell of burning metal. Be safe."

"Sounds good to me." I looked at Fred and then the four of us looked at each other, and then they were gone.

I took Fred's hand and in the darkness, led her into the woods. The cave that Angel had hid from the sun in wasn't far, and in a second or two, we were in front of it. "We have to split up, baby, to get anywhere. Buffy and Riley can handle themselves alone. They have a machine gun, too. We have one, and in a few seconds, we'll have Angel or Cordy wit us...if they are still here."

She seemed to swallow hard, but held the machine gun like she was ready. We went in, but as we were on our way in, I was thinkin' that unless they were aslep, that there was no way that Angel wouldn't have left the cave when the sun went down to look for Connor. We went deep into the cave and there was nothin'. "Angel? Cordy?" I said, but didn't hear any response.

I took Fred's hand and led her out of the cave. "So, they have already left to look for Connor." Something occurred to me. "Why wouldn't they come to the beach when they heard the explosion, Fred? There's no way, and I don't care how far away into the woods that they were, that at least Angel didn't hear the explosion?"

Fred seemed to already be thinkin' that. Now, we were left wit the task of goin' into the dark woods without Angel's eyesight and Cordy's glowy power thing. She seemed to be thinkin' that already, too. "It sucks, baby, but now, Buffy and Riley are searchin' an area of the island, and Angel and Cordy are probably just ahead of us. We'll walk side by side. If we hear anything snarlin', we'll fill it with bullets."

I took the gun away from here, likin' the way that it felt in my hands, and gave her the stake. Bullets might not kill these things, but they hurt like hell. I shoot em', you stake em'." She looked at me and I could make out those soulful eyes. "Don't worry, baby. We'll be safe, and we'll all, includin' Connor, get off of this island, somehow."

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