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Files and records comes through...Lilah.

We were staring at the prodigal son, devising tortures for him after catching him on that island and transporting him, mystically, back to the white room. We, or at least, I, had all sorts of evil plans for him, and was about to unload a bunch of them on Lilah to see what she had, when she was touched and I was walloped over the head by something that came in so fast and was gone so fast, also, mystically, that still shots didn't get a very good look at it from the surveillance cameras located above the entrance doors to the eternal prison cells, where Angel's little boy was currently strapped down.

We managed to isolate that it was something and that the something, in seconds, gave me a splitting headache with a knockout headshot and that it touched Lilah and for some reason, she had a momentary lapse of reason, but we weren't able to decipher what it was.

The security guard didn't see it live, and it wouldn't have mattered, because on digital hi-def, and stilled, we still couldn't pick out even a variety of demon by looking at it, but we did have Ramon going to files and records to run it by computer lady down there. If he didn't come back with answers, and something that I could reign impunity down upon, then his family was going to be receiving a death notification, if he even had a family, and it had been a good half an hour now, that he'd been gone.

I was getting angry and looking at Lilah, who was barely touched by this thing, while I got the full pounding treatment, wasn't making things any easier. I was about to call down to Files and Records to tell them to get their asses in gear, when Ramon walked through the door and the good thing, was that he didn't look nervous. I didn't know him that well, but I was guessing that if he didn't have anyhting for us, that he would have had a look of sheer distress on his face.

Even better then that, he handed me the file. "Did you look through this, or did Files and records prepare a file for you, Ramon?"

"I didn't see it, sir, but if you want to tell me, you know that you can trust me."

I smiled and opened the file. "That will be all, Ramon. Go back to your post and go back over stills over the last thirty minutes and call me if we've had a return visit from this thing, particularly over by the eternal prison."

He walked out and now, I looked at what this thing was. It did have a history here with Wolfram and Hart and it had a name, but even better then that, and I didn't know how Wolfram and Hart knew this stuff, the history included Angel, the vision girl and Lilah. Yes, Lilah.

"It seems that you know this fella, Lilah, although not directly. His name is Skip and you've sent Angel to see him, earlier this year, in fact, to get a certain prisoner we know, out of a burning purgatory."

I handed her the file.

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