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The Lair

At first, I thought Angel felt guilty for having sex with me. We discovered that he didn't turn to Angelus the first time, so we decided to have sex a second time. He's still brooding. He thinks Angelus is going to pop up. Me? I don't think he will. Angel told me he felt perfect happiness. I believe him. I saw it in his eyes. Marzanilla has many hidden secrets we don't know about. One of them, is keeping Angelus away. Maybe, it's a different dimension? What ever it was, Angel is still Angel, and I'm not complaining.

Angel discussed telling Buffy about what we did. I had my reservations. It's none of her business, but if Angel wants me to tell her, than I have no problem telling her Angel and I made love. Boy, the look on her face would be classic. I told Angel we wouldn't need to tell anyone, unless he turned to Angelus. In the meantime, we're going to keep it between us.

We walked out into the darkness. The sun wasn't keeping Angel away, anymore. Sex talk aside, our thoughts were on finding Connor.

The helicopter was still there as we walked by and started into the woods. A minute later, there was an explosion. Graham and his co-pilot were dead. The helicopter was gone. There was no way home. Angel pulled me away. I thought we were going to step back, but he wanted to keep on going to find Connor. I didn't want to leave the scene, but I couldn't let Angel go find his son on his own, either. If anything happened to Angel and I wasn't there, I wouldn't know what to do. I followed my heart, and my heart told me to go with Angel. There was nothing else we could do. The bodies were complete dust.

Further and further, we went into the woods. There was no light, so I couldn't see anything. Angel was the one with the whole night vision perk. We stopped and heard noises coming from different directions. These weren't regular noises. More like, demon noises. I couldn't see a thing. That was creepy. I asked Angel if he could see anything.

I can see just fine, Cordy, but you have to be ready to do some damage. Do you remember our training? Are you sure that you can handle yourself?"

I wanted to slap him. "Can I handle myself? Of course I can, Angel. What do you think I am?" I pfft'd. I didn't like that he was talking to me like I was a porcelain doll. I was angry, tired, and worried. These demons didn't want a piece of me.

"I'm thinking that a pack of humans wouldn't be this deep in the woods at this hour, or even during the day."

"Yeah, I'm with you on that one." I squeezed his hand tighter as he pulled me along with him, keeping me close. "Where are we going?" I started running with him. We ran into a cave and Angel staked one of the demons. It turned to ooze in front of our eyes. The other demons turned to us and did this high pitch scream. "Uh, I think they're mad at you."

"Stay close to me."

Angel staked another demon. They died fairly easy. I had a feeling there were more. Angel asked them where his son was, and they kept quiet. "Oh, I get it. You guys like to talk amongst yourselves, but not to us. That's rude." I lunged toward another demon and punched it in the face. He turned back and looked at me. "Ok, well let's try this then." I staked him in the chest.

I looked back at Angel and smiled. He motioned to get out of the way. Before I could turn and look, the demon tackled me down to the ground. The demon punched me in the face. He grabbed my head and went to bite into it. I began to glow. My glow works to my advantage now. Everytime I'm in a situation I can't seem to get myself out of, I start to glow. The glow went from me, and transferred onto the demon. The demon looked confused. Then, it blew up. The demon flesh and ooze splattered all over me.

"Eww and eww. My new shirt is completely ruined. God, this is so disgusting." Angel walked over to me and held out his hand. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up to a standing position. I was a little worn out from glowing. Not bad, as usual. It didn't take much out of me to destroy the demon. I looked up at Angel. My face turned into a pout. "I'm all dirty and stinky, now." He wiped blood off of my face. "We killed the four, but something tells me more are in here. I can feel it."

Angel looked around and sensed it too. "I gotta say, they were pretty easy to kill. I don't know how we'll be if we're ambushed by hundreds, but I'm not going to go there, right now." I gave Angel a nervous smile, at the thought.

I knew we were about to go deeper into the cave and we weren't coming out until we had Connor.

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