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The search for things naughty...

I had left Xander and Anya behind and had charged them with the task of burying the body of Dawn, and felt absolutely no remorse about it. In fact, as I stopped at an ATM, driving Riley's SUV, it oput a smile on my face. What? Did Xander and Anya actually, after they had...ripped me away from heaven, using dark magic's, of course, which seemed to be the protocol in this town, expect me to take care of all of their problems, soothe them, comfort them, and make their decision to bring me back seem like a valid.

I walked over the rubble and past the spot where my life had been temporarily ended by Willow and laughed again. All of this used to be mine and now that it was gone, I didn't even care. I thought of Xander and Anya again, taking Dawn's body to the police station like I had advised them too and laughed again. They would probably do it, and if they did, then I couldn't wait to read the morning paper and laugh at the two of their faces in shackles. Of course, that wouldn't hold in Anya's case, because she was now, once again, a demon, and could orb out of the cell and take Xander with her, but it would still be a treat.

In fact, I might even be inclined to help the police in relocating Xander and Anya. All it would take was a little bit of magic and I had seen first hand that Anya's demon abilities were no match for powerful magic's. Willow had made her look like a puppet and not a torturous demon. Maybe that was because of her human days? Maybe it was because she had become smitten with Xander? That was her first problem. Xander? The idiot berk had always been nothing but a problem. We had constantly had to save the baffoon. The old Anya was legendary and nearly changed history with the wish that Cordelia had made to her. I was quite sure that the old Anya would have been able to hold her own against Willow and that maybe I wouldn't have died. Then maybe I wouldn't have died? I laughed again as I looked through some books strewn about on the floor and on the remnants of a destroyed table.

Just days ago, I would have looked at all of this and trembled and shuttered, knowing that I had to rebuild. Thank God that those days were over. But, who would want to thank God? I owed my existence to Anya's old boss, and he had used evil and dark magic's to bring me back. I would really have to thank him for that. I did wonder what bringing me back would cost Anya? She would have to do some evil, which we all knew that she was now not up for, and I found myself smiling again, because it was all to bring me back. That was a source of utter hilarity for me, and I couldn't contain the laughter for several minutes.

As I flipped through pages of former forbidden texts and found them to be all devoid of ink, which was something that I would have found to be blasphemous not too long ago. Willow had absorbed all of these pages. It was no wonder how she had gotten so powerful, and now it was time for me to do the same. There were no answers for me here. There were indeed other places where I could boost my own reserves and become every bit as formidable as Willow had been, only fifty times more intellectual about my approach.

I walked back out of the rubble of my former building and thought about reopening it and placing nothing but evil things in it. I indeed had the resources to do that, but as I thought about it, I found that to be a bad decision. There were many other things that I could do with my money. The first thing, was to stop at the liquor store to buy a bottle of tanqueray and a pack of smokes, and after I left, I decided to buy a new car. My car would be too easy to spot. I received a great deal on Riley's SUV and hardly paid anything for the Audi that I purchased instead. I smiled as I left, knowing that soon, the dealer would realize that he had accepted somebody's elses car in trade to a person, named David Beckman, who didn't exist. Stupid, over-eager ponce, willing to do anything to make a sale. He would likely be fired for his mistake. I smiled again, as I new that my next move was to get a new place, right here in Sunnydale, that was, of course, after selling my BMW, which would be too easy to track. I couldn't have any of those idiots, including Buffy, tracking me and after I sold my apartment, next would be looking in to bringing Willow back. That wasn't going to be easy.
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