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A Team Without Giles

Giles walked out on us.

We lied to Buffy, stayed behind, to bring him and Dawn back to life. Obviously, Dawn didn't come back, but we did manage to bring Giles back. You think we got a thank you? Absolutely not.

Talking was kept to a minimum in the car. I mostly talked. I had to tell Giles how I felt. I wanted him to at least appreciate what we did for him. He had another chance at life. Xander and I sacrifices a lot. Well, I sacrificed a lot. I have to kill someone! So, yeah, I would want a nice thank you. Giles didn't feel it was necessary to thank us. He couldn't get over the fact we used black magic to bring him back.

I didn't say much to him, after he yelled at us like a school teacher. Giles pulled up to Buffy's house and told us to get out. I looked over at him like he was crazy. "Where are you going?" He didn't say anything. He just got out of the car, opened the back door and carried Dawn into the house. We followed him in.

"I would suggest that you come up with something quick and bring her down to the police station, but make your lie a good one. She's been dead for days and there are obvious signs of violence to the body. An investigation will be forthcoming..."

Great. So, he's leaving us to do everything. Xander's going to the police station. I could come up with a good lie for him. Xander doesn't know how to lie, well. "Why should we go to the police? Couldn't we just have her buried?" Xander looked up at me. Giles, once again, said nothing. He walked out and left in Riley's car.

"Well, that's just great. What are we supposed to do now?"

"I don't know, Xander. I think we should skip going to the police. We can just have her buried. The police aren't going to believe what we tell her. They might suspect us of killing her. I can always just orb out, but you're human. You'd be thrown into jail." Xander glared. "I'm just being honest. It's up to you. If you want to go to the police station, then you do it yourself." I started to pace around the living room.

"Giles is different." Xander looked up at me. "There's something about him that's different. I don't think he came back exactly the same. It's clear, by the way he walked out on us. He would never do that."

"We are big dummies, Ahn. Have we made things worse here?"

I had to disagree with Xander. I didn't feel like a dummy. "We're not dummies. We did what we thought would be right. Giles is just angry. Maybe, we should just leave him his space. He'll come around." I wasn't done with Giles, but I didn't want to make Xander feel more awful. There's nothing wrong with sugar coating. He stared down at Dawn's body.

It was dark out. A funeral palor wouldn't be open, right now. "You're going to have to move Dawn. We can't keep her here on the couch. Her body smells." I didn't mean to sound so harsh, but we had to put her somewhere for the night. I heard a car pull up. I looked out of the window. I couldn't see who it was. Most likely, it was a neighbor. I shrugged.

"I guess we could put her outside or, you can wrap her body, and we'll take her body down to the basement."

[[Xander, Faith, Wes, and Spike]]
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